Weaning, walking, and waiting.


As I mentioned in an update to an earlier post, Theo has stopped breastfeeding. It wasn’t my choice; indeed I had struggled to keep it up for the past several weeks. But the wee one decided that he wasn’t being fed fast enough, I guess. He wouldn’t chow down with much enthusiasm, and would balk after a few minutes. He used to be a very good breastfeeder.

I am disappointed, but there is an upside: feeding the baby takes less time with the bottle, I can drink wine or beer if I want to (which is rare,) no more leaking breasts, and I can stop taking prenatal vitamins. On the downside: I miss that special time with my boy, he’s getting inferior—but still pretty good—food, my period will return, and I’ll be burning fewer daily calories. For the time being, my breasts really hurt. But it’s telling that it took two days for them to become engorged enough to hurt. Anyway, I hope the recover soon, because right now it hurts to hold the baby against my chest.


Today I’ll continue a new habit I started last Friday. There’s a large, gorgeous park in my old neighborhood called McKinley Park. It’s about a 15-minute drive but well worth the time. The park is about a mile in circumference, full of huge old trees, and has a large pond full of ducks and geese (and the odd cormorant.) Last week, I walked Theo all around the park and the pond in his stroller. He was alert but sleepy. He seemed to enjoy looking as masses of ducks walking around the sidewalk.

There’s an organized “Strollersize” group of mothers who meet there every Friday morning and walk around together, but they meet too early (9am) and it costs $55 per month. That’s kind of insane. I may be lonelier but there’s no charge to walk around the park with my son.

I’ve learned that to survive long hours with a baby (which, let’s face it, can get really boring and tedious,) it’s vital to sometimes get out of the house and go do things that keep him entertained. I’ve given this advice to my husband, who will have Theo all day Saturdays coming up when the new quarter starts.


Our big news this week is that we’ve started signing papers on our new house. It’s in a nice, newish neighborhood not far from here. We really lucked out on this one. It is a short sale but we ended up not having to wait months and months for an approval from the bank, and we didn’t have to compete against any other buyers. We’re getting an interest rate of 4.5%.

The house itself is 1609 square feet and has a small but usable backyard. It has a master suite, a bedroom for Theo, a bedroom for Vlady to play his video games in, a den for my office, and a second bathroom. We rushed through it because the homeowner was still there when we look a look inside. But I did notice some beautiful wood floors. It was one of the models for the community, so it probably has some upgraded options we don’t know about yet. It is—coincidentally enough—a block and a half from our daycare lady.

Vlady and I fell in love with it at first sight. Perhaps most exciting to us: it is two blocks from a protected wetlands which includes a reservoir full of wild birds. Vlady and I have been visiting this little lake for the past year, never dreaming we could afford one of the houses nearby. The little lake is really special because we can usually find pelicans there, slowly cruising around on the surface of the water in a pack and leisurely gulping down fish in their huge beaks. We call it Pelican Lake. Next to the reservoir is a levee and on the other side of the levee is a river-sized canal. We’re going to need better quality binoculars for all the bird-watching we’ll have in our future. We move in on October 20, and it is sweet anticipation.

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Thanks for the update. Great to get the details. Understand why you had to stop breastfeeding, but Oh the work to make it a go. I’m sure he benefitted from it………….it was worth the work he put into it too. So happy to hear about your good fortune in finding such a perfect location and size for your new home. Not bad at all, and I love that interest rate. Love, Mom

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