“Vaxxed” Counter-Flyer

Would you like a flyer based on my movie review of Vaxxed that you can print out and share? Click below to download the PDF.

Vaxxed counter-flyer: Why you should skip Vaxxed

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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NOT brilliant…this flyer is disinformation aimed at harming more children. I have met Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and Rachael Ross in person. Their concern for the life-changing damage that vaccinations do to children is real and the VAXXED movie presents hard evidence that the CDC colluded to hide scientific evidence that vaccines do indeed cause autism and a host of other physical problems. If you do nothing else, watch the movie, read the research, and make your own decision. A wise person is willing to research what a fool takes for granted. Do not trust those who say that the MMR vaccine is safe. If you have doubts about vaccinations, delay until after your child is 2 years old. You can always catch up, but you can never go back.

The evidence shows that your efforts are what is harming children. The evidence shows that MMR is safe. The evidence shows that delaying vaccines puts children’s lives at risk of death or complications from vaccine-preventable diseases.

What evidence do you have? We really do not know about the safety of the MMR, since the CDC destroyed many records and manipulated the data. Let’s move all vaccine safety out of the control of the CDC and conduct real safety studies. Not tobacco science.

Are you concerned about being sued for slander and libel? You are quite liberal in tossing around the character asassinations Miss Dawn. You seem to have an inflated sense of importance by offering your helpful info sheet to others. I assure you that people are not going to avoid the documentary based upon your handout. They will decide for themselves. If I had no knowledge of the documentary and was presented with this hateful character asassination flyer, I would be more concerned about avoiding you than the movie.

Can you provide any examples of libel? You seem to be unaware that there is a distinction between libel and slander. And remember, both require that something false has been stated.

And your credentials qualifying you to give (erroneous) medical advice would be what exactly? Was your vaccine schedule recommendation determined using the REA (Rectal Extraction Algorithm ™)? Idiot.

Pure bullshit propaganda with many inaccuracies and an erroneous piece of garbage for a flyer that should do well in filling up your local land fill. If handed this so called flyer, which is a poor excuse for one, just as I’m looking forward to viewing the documentary Vaxxed, I would be driven to wanting to see it even more. It good for a laugh… and here for you Dawn Pedersen, I feel compelled to flip you the bird. Disgusting? Yes your flyer is just that!!

You’re a better person than I am for being able to deal with these scientifically illiterate and dangerously ignorant morons.

This poster is not accurate. It is clear you have not read the entire study from Dr. Wakefield. He suggested more studies be done looking at the combination MMR vaccine and its role in autism. He suggested that the MMR be given seperately and not together in one. Also, pull up a package insert for the MMR vaccine. They contain many side effects/adverse events consistent with brain damage which is what autism is.

You cannot deny the rising rate of autism. You cannot deny the rising rate of auto immune diseases in children. It is alarming how quick they are growing. I find it interesting that we are conducting immune altering procedures (vaccines) since birth for our children who do not have a developed immune system yet and no one has connected the dots. Even more interesting studies have shown aluminum stimulates the TH2 response in your immune system. TH2 is the arm that gets overstimulated and triggers food allergies (auto immune disease on the rise). We are messing with our bodies in a way that we aren’t 100% informed on.

Science is all about questioning and then researching and doing studies to prove/disprove. To say that vaccines are safe and adamant about it when so many people are coming forward saying their child changed or developed an issue after the vaccines need to be looked into. Science is ever changing. Look at saturated fats, we were told they are horrible for you, turns out it is the saturated fat (vegetable oils) that we have been told to consume because of heart health that are bad. They recanted and said real butter is actually protective. Or smoking, how many years were we told smoking was safe before it was revealed that it actually causes cancer.

I think we need to approach this topic with an open mind and actually have research done that is not supported by big pharma or the government. An independent source. That will be the real challenge. Only then will we get real answers.

And for the record, my son was injured by vaccines. My daughter is fully vaccinated and I was a huge supporter of vaccines. Then at my sons 15 month appointment, the doctor gave him two Hibs and a polio 3 years early plus dtap. He developed 5 food allergies (3 of which were to foods he ate just before being injected) and a contact allergy to seed oils in lotions. You bet I am going to question why his immune system is behaving this way. The only logical explanation is that his immune system became imbalanced after receiving the wrong vaccines. Over stimulating the TH2 arm and predisposing him to food allergies which DO NOT run in our families.

Let’s not be judgemental and so harsh. We are all parents trying to do our best and to slander others when you don’t know the whole story is not right.

First of all, it’s Mr. Wakefield. Second, this crapumentary is nothing more than the result of giving a disgraced fraud a platform from which to lie some more. This whole Thompson whistleblower BS is old news. All of the data has been reanalyzed, and the publication of *that* analysis was retracted also because Hooker doesn’t know jack about statistical analysis! Go take your Google U. PhD elsewhere and stop spreading your ignorance. It’s dangerous.

Anti-vax loons (masquerading as “vaccine safety advocates”–a blatant misnomer) will still claim your review is invalid even though you actually did see the movie.

You can’t win with these Luddite, disease-spreading nut jobs.

As a pediatrician, I thank you for this flyer.

Chris Hickie, MD, PhD

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