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MicroTrek Logo Concept Variations

On Tuesday, I shared the initial three logo concepts I designed for MicroTrek, a firm that does microbe analysis. Today, my client responded with a lot of helpful feedback.

Here is my set of logo concept variations for concept 1, based on his reply. He called the yeast cells “bugs”, which is adorable.

MicroTrek logo revisions round one

This is the email I sent to my client, with the above image attached. As always, I am pointing out my design choices and clarifying the distinctions between the variations.

Here are four variations of the logo concept from design #1, which incorporate your feedback.

All the bugs have been shifted to green hues, pared back in number, and given a more dimensional look.

Variation 1A

  • bugs on the left
  • letters in all caps
  • letters in a blue linear gradient
  • “INCORPORATED” written under “MICROTREK’ in grey

Variation 1B

  • bugs in place of O
  • letters in all caps
  • letters in a blue linear gradient

Variation 1C

  • bugs on the left
  • letters in upper and lowercase
  • letters in a green linear gradient
  • “INC” in gray over the lower-case letter “k”

Variation 1D

  • bugs on top
  • letters in upper and lowercase underneath bugs
  • letters in solid blue

Let me know which of these treatments is the strongest for you. If you wish, let me know what you’d like to try with your chosen variation for Round #2 of revisions.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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