Too Close to Crawl

Theo has made great strides in the past week.


He loved every one of the gifts our kind friends and family gave him for Christmas. Thank you so much! Click on any image below for a larger version:


Theo started showing signs of a third tooth a few days ago, and it’s now popped out its pearly head. It’s the top right incisor. I’m not sure, but I think its neighbor is on its way too. When Theo’s mouth is nearly closed and the upper and lower teeth aligned, it confirms my suspicion that the bottom two teeth are off-center. This tells me that indeed Theo has inherited my set of three bottom incisors (rather than four.)

Heavy, Man

On Wednesday, Theo officially hit the 20-pound mark. I am SO glad I bought myself an SUV two weeks ago (a Honda CRV.) Now I can slide his car seat straight in, instead of doing wild contortions to get him in and out of the back seat of my old 2-door Civic.

Almost Crawling

Two days ago, Theo started getting right up on his hands and knees, and rocking back and forth. I caught a little video of it yesterday:

And here are photos:

In general, Theo’s becoming exceptionally physical. I am becoming less and less concerned about the doctor’s warning about “muscle imbalance.” Theo’s physicality seems to border on athletic. Below is an example of how squirmy he can be when I hold him in my lap. He might cuddle for a split-second, but then he’s on the move again.


Today several of the mommies from my Mommy and Me group got together, and Theo had a great time. I especially want to share the following sequence of images. I call it The Great Paci Nab. Notice how baby Kurt cleverly distracts Theo with a foam letter O, then makes his move—snagging Theo’s pacifier and pulling them both to the floor. Kurt then studies his new acquisition and Theo is none the wiser. Thanks to my dear friend Angela for the hip new outfit Theo’s wearing. Click on the image below for a larger version.

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