Things Students Do That Secretly Crack Me Up, Part 2

Art class, radio is playing a commercial.

Dustin: Tony, that commercial is talking about you. Uninsured motorists.
Tony: I’m insured. I just haven’t paid the bill in a couple of months.
Me: Then you are an uninsured motorist.

Art class. I announce that Monday is a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. day)Tony: We should get a holiday that lasts as long as his life did. To really honor him. 

Drama class. Fire drill. We are all out on the football field, lined up single file and all very serious. Matt gets out of line and starts buzzing around the lines for other classes.Me: Matt, get back in line!
Matt: I’m just checking to see if everyone’s O.K.! 

Later, after we’ve returned to the classroom.

Me: Almost everyone did exactly what we were supposed to do during that drill. What didn’t go right?
Several students: A couple of people ran out the door.
Me: Good. What were we supposed to do?
Students: Walk.
Me: Why don’t we run?
Students: So no-one gets hurt.
Gus (one of the runners): What if it was a real fire? You’re supposed to run.
Me: No. You walk and stay calm.
Gus: Well, I’m in ROP Fire Technician class, so I think I know what I’m talking about.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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