Things Students Do That Secretly Crack Me Up, Part 1

My students do stuff all the time that secretly cracks me up tremendously, but I have to be stern and enforce the rules. Especially with 7th period high school art.

Like one time, about twelve students were still just outside the door as the tardy bell rang. Apparently one person was blocking the doorway. Within seconds, the barricade was weakened by the weight of incoming traffic. A dozen students spilled into the door like a dam had busted. Many nearly fell.


A couple of weeks ago in 6th period art, a construction man working on the auditorium came in to collect packages which had been misdelivered to my room. He came in and out several times to get six boxes.

One of my 16-year-old female students said quite clearly when he first entered, “Who’s this fine piece of man meat?” The man was in fact gorgeous but certainly in his twenties. He was grinning ear to ear (from embarrassment or because it was funny,) but did not respond and did his work.

Upon his reentry once, she asked him if he was single, and he showed her his wedding band.

When he left I asked her if she was trying to get him arrested.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

2 replies on “Things Students Do That Secretly Crack Me Up, Part 1”

I too teach high school art.. I always say, you cant make this stuff up. I laugh everyday. My sister teaches jr. high and often we call each other to swap funnies. Enjoying your site.

Hey Dawn!
I somehow found you doing a random search on google images for collage. I am going to be doing a similar self-portrait collage lesson with some 4th and 5th grade kids soon. It’d be nice to exchange notes…teachers passing notes back and forth! Ooohh!!! Where do you teach?

Peace, Miss Weir

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