Teaching basic computer skills

I learned last year that many of my students come to my design classes with little experience in working with computers. This year, I’ll be giving them a crash course on computer skills basics. I hope they’ll be excited with their newfound power. Some of the text if specific to our lab, but most of it will work on any Windows computer. I’m still writing a lot of it. It will be more filled out in the next two weeks.

For right now, design teachers can get an idea of the kinds of topics you really need to preteach for computer noobs.

Basic Computer Skills
* Windows XP Basics
* Using a Web Browser
* Keyboard Shortcuts
* Managing Files and Folders
* Using Microsoft Word
* Navigating the Student Server

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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While this isn’t my first year teaching all together, you are definitely helping me along in my first year of teaching digital graphics/animation. I have been working on this exact same thing to start the year with. Your site has terrific information and ideas.

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