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How to Draw a Dragonfly Worksheet

How to draw a dragonfly, and learn about its characteristics. Download Worksheet: How to Draw a Dragonfly Dragonflies are insects. All insects have a head, a thorax, an abdomen, and six legs. A dragonfly spends up to five years in an immature form called a naiad. Naiads live and eat in the water. As an […]

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Dung Beetles

[The following is a research paper I did for the entomology class I took this spring. – Dawn, 06/22/07] Dung Beetles of Scarabaeidae and the Sacred Scarab Family Scarabaeidae is split into two main dietary groups. Dung beetles, or “scarabs”, feast on the waste of other animals. Chafer beetles eat plants. While Scarabaeidae dung beetles […]