SciMoms Help Make Parenting Decisions Easier and More Science-based

SciMoms is a science communication project run by several scientists and science writers, who are also moms. With all the misleading information online, these women know how challenging it is to find accurate, evidence-based information. The goal of their project is to demystify common questions that parents have on topics like nutrition, health, and the environment. They use information from reputable medical and scientific institutions. Often, the topics they write about are questions that they themselves have as they raise their children.

In addition to regular blogs, they’re exploring different forms of science communication including comics and songs. In their comic, the SciMoms face villains who embody the different types of misinformation and fear-inducing tactics that marketers use. So far, they’ve faced Sue Doe Syence, as well as Trace A. Mounts

How to Understand Risks and Hazards

An important emphasis of their blog is that they strive to frame each question using the proper definitions of risk and hazard. With this aim in mind, they partnered with Thoughtscapism to write a multipart series on risk, which should be required reading for everyone.

Check out their blogtheir comic, and their series on risk!

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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