Two reasons to celebrate

Things are looking up (they weren’t too bad to begin with.)

1. The traffic for this blog is doing very well (thanks, everybody!) In April, the traffic doubled over the March stats. Then in May, the traffic doubled again. It’s nice to see my hard work pay off with so many visitors.

Traffic for February 23 through June 2, 2009
Traffic for February 23 through June 2, 2009


2. I had a second interview with the local Art Institute today, and it looks like they really want me. The only thing that might prevent this is my lack of a Masters degree. They asked me to write a Letter of Justification which they could show accrediting officials to justify my teaching position. I would be teaching two Web design classes starting in July. Here’s the letter I wrote, in case you’re curious (or find yourself needing to write one some day yourself).

Dawn Pedersen
Letter of Justification

B. A.—Fine art with Drawing and Painting Emphasis (California State College, Sacramento)

Teaching Credentials, State of California: Single Subject—Art; Single Subject—Biology;
Teaching Credentials, County of Sacramento: Career and Technical Education—Information Technology; Career and Technical Education—Arts, Media and Entertainment

Courses Taught, College: Intermediate Web Page Design, Beginning Photoshop (Sacramento City College)
Courses Taught, High School: Web Design, Graphic Design I, Graphic Design II, Life Science (Natomas High School); Art I, Art II, Drama (Esparto High School)

Justification: Mrs. Pedersen was selected to teach design courses because she has extensive industry experience and expertise. Mrs. Pedersen has been a Web and graphic designer for over nine years, working not only for employers, but directly for clients through her own design companies.

Mrs. Pedersen worked as a professional Web Designer at Connectix, a Silicon Valley software company, where her expertise in design, marketing and web usability were a valuable asset in a fast paced, demanding environment. Responsible for both the company’s public website as well as its internal intranet, she developed a passion for best coding practices and project management. As owner of Dawn’s Brain Design, Pedersen designed web sites and printed pieces for client companies in New York, Georgia, Colorado, and Australia, as well as locally. She gained further experience in web and graphic design while working for a printing press company and a small design studio.

Mrs. Pedersen discovered a love for teaching when she was hired by Sacramento City College to teach intermediate Web and beginning Photoshop classes. While teaching Web and graphic design for two years at the high school level, she built a comprehensive Web site for her students which was devoted to the curriculum of her three courses ( It included all class materials, schedules, a forum, and a student gallery.

Mrs. Pedersen is currently the owner of Blue Lobster Art and Design, and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Returning to freelance design after a three-year hiatus, she has found that her previous clients are enthusiastic to have her back on their team, and have recommended her to their colleagues. She creates popular tutorials on Web and graphic design for her blog at To keep on top of all the latest innovations in design and technology, she is a constant reader of industry magazines, books, and instructional Web sites. She is currently working toward a Masters in Fine Art.

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