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New Business Card for the Lobster

Based on my latest Blue Lobster illustration, I put together a new business card. But first, here’s the one I rushed so I could get it printed for a business conference a few weeks ago:

Original Business Card
Original Business Card
This was eye-catching at first, but I was disappointed to notice that when it was printed, the contact information was not easy to real. At all. I should have made it plain black text. If you make it difficult for someone to reach you, well you can bet they’ll skip it. In particular, the Web address is super-tiny. I knew right away that I’d need to design new cards and pay for a second printing job.

So this time I spend a great deal more time on the design. I also printed out the design at actual size on my home printer. Lesson learned: take my time, then proof, proof, and proof again.

The black text does the job. I hope you agree.

New Business Card
New Business Card

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