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How to Draw an African Penguin Worksheet

How to draw an African Penguin, and learn about its characteristics.

Download Worksheet: How to Draw an African Penguin

How to Draw an African Penguin Worksheet

African penguins live at the south tip of the African continent.

Penguins are birds that swim, rather than fly. Most penguins don’t actually live in the cold Antarctic. This particular species lives in colonies in a warm, coastal climate.

The African penguin is also called the jackass penguin, because it brays like a donkey.

African penguins are covered in dense feathers. They coat the feathers with a water-proof oil that comes from a gland at the base of their tails. This keeps the birds dry and warm in the cold Atlantic Ocean waters.

how to draw an African penguin, skeleton drawing

African penguins typically mate for life. The pair lays two eggs each year, and keeps them in a nest made from their own guano (excrement). The chicks mature into 60cm (2 feet) tall adults after two to four years.

The African penguin is a carnivore that eats mainly fish and squid. It can dive, and remain underwater for over two minutes.

African penguin swiming drawing

The African penguin is an endangered species.

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