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How to Draw an African Lion Worksheet

How to draw a lion, and learn about its characteristics.

Download Worksheet: How to Draw an African Lion

How to Draw an African Lion Worksheet

Lions are big cats.

Tigers, jaguars, and leopards are also big cats: feline carnivores that are especially large. They are all apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain, and are therefore not prey for any other creature. The name African lion actually refers to several subspecies of lion.

Lions eat a variety of grassland and woodland animals, from zebras and giraffes, to birds and reptiles. Female lions (sometimes called lionesses) do almost all of the hunting, and at night.

How to Draw an African Lion Worksheet

Lions are very social animals, forming large groups called prides. A lion pride might have 15–20 individuals in it, depending upon the availability of food. Scarcer food means smaller prides. Related females and their cubs make up most of the pride.

How to Draw an African Lion Worksheet

Lions cubs are born three to four at a time, and will stay with their mother for about two years. They begin hunting at about a year old.

Lions of both sexes will roar very loudly to keep track of each other in the pride. Males are territorial, and will mark their territory with urine.


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