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How to Draw a Jumping Spider Worksheet

How to draw a jumping spider, and learn about its characteristics.

Download Worksheet: How to Draw a Jumping Spider

How to Draw a Jumping Spider Worksheet

Spiders are arachnids, not insects.

Each arachnid has a cephalothorax, an abdomen, and eight legs. Scorpions and ticks are also arachnids. All spiders have organs to spin silk at the back ends of their bodies. They also have fangs that inject venom into prey.

How to Draw a Jumping Spider - descending spider

There are 5,000 species of jumping spider.

Jumping spiders don’t make webs to catch prey, like many spiders do. Instead, they hunt and jump upon their prey.

Jumping spiders have eight eyes. The two in front give the spider a somewhat friendly appearance. Their eyes work together to provide excellent vision.

Most jumping spiders are carnivorous, and eat insects and other spiders. But some eat nectar or other plant matter.

Jumping spiders have a courtship display that resembles a little dance. The male raises his front legs up high, while he stamps up and down with his other legs.

How to Draw a Jumping Spider - cute spider face

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Thank you. I’m so glad that I found your site!
This will make a difference in the lives of many students.
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Great Job!! Introducing People To Spiders Using A Nice And Adorable Way Is The Best Way To Convince Ignorant Ones. Spiders Are One Of The Most Misunderstood Creatures On Earth. Thanks For Making A Difference.

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