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How to Draw a Dragonfly Worksheet

How to draw a dragonfly, and learn about its characteristics.

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How to Draw a Dragonfly Worksheet

Dragonflies are insects.

All insects have a head, a thorax, an abdomen, and six legs. A dragonfly spends up to five years in an immature form called a naiad. Naiads live and eat in the water. As an adult out of water, dragonflies live for only six months.

How to Draw a Dragonfly - anatomy

A dragonfly doesn’t have bones. It has an exoskeleton—a hard outer covering that protects its insides.

Dragonflies can fly backwards and hover in the air.

How to Draw a Dragonfly - dragonfly on blade of grass

Dragonflies are predators that eat mosquitoes and other small insects.

Dragonflies have up to 30,000 facets in their compound eyes, giving them incredible vision.

How to Draw a Dragonfly - face and eyes

300 million years ago, there was a dragonfly type called Meganeura. It had a wing span over two feet across, about the same as a seagull.

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