Good News on a Personal Front

I’ve mentioned at my old blog,, that the high school I’ve worked at for two years is not having me back next year. This has turned out to be a real blessing. Teaching public high school has become a horrible chore. Sometimes a nightmare.

Since February, when I learned I would not be back, I have worked on getting Blue Lobster off the ground. It’s been three years since I’ve freelanced. It is a far more appealing prospect than another year with students who hate being in school.

I still love teaching though. I have sought a job at the Art Institute nearby for the past month. AI is filled with students who are out of high school and serious about their education. I am now about 90% certain that I will be teaching two classes there (Web design,) starting in July. The Web design program really impressed me, and I’d have a lot of freedom with my curriculum. And I’ll probably need the money, frankly.

An influential teacher there has green-lighted me after meeting with me yesterday. We just need to wait for me to have a formal interview with the academic director in a couple of weeks.

Wish me luck!

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