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Event Graphics: Cocoa with Santa

I’m part of a fundraising group in my neighborhood. We’re raising money to get a better playground put it at a local park. My role in this group, along with general planning, has been as visual designer.

The group is called Bridgeway Play. I created the name, and designed the logo and website. I’ve also created a variety of event graphics such as the flyer and social graphic below.

Letter Format Flyer

This flyer is 8-1/2″ x 11″. The graphics of Santa and the snowflake bleed to the edges, but can tolerate the fact that most printers cannot print all the way to the edge. The text and logo content sits in a safe zone 1 inch from the paper edge. This will be something we can hand out to people, stack on public shelves or post on bulletin boards, and tape to mail kiosks.

It’s super important to put all the event details on a flyer like this! I have seen plenty of ads for events that leave our critical information such as the city and time. I feel it’s also helpful to include the day of the week (Sunday) along with the date.

I created the illustration effect on Santa using a pretty simple technique in Photoshop, then pulled everything into Illustrator to arrange and typeset. The display font is Santa’s Sleigh, and the body text id called Hightower. The color block in the top left matches Santa’s suit and adds a nice punch of contrast.

Cocoa with Santa: letter-sized flyer

Social Graphic

For the best display of graphics on Facebook, I work in a square format. I have found that a 1200x1200px image is ideal. It gets resized down in the news feed, so make sure your text is nice and large. It’s a challenge to rearrange the content for a square format, but this one went pretty well.

Cocoa with Santa: 1200x1200px social graphic

By Dawn Pedersen

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