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Creating a class website

Now that I have some sort of clue what I am teaching (actually, I was given little direction but pretty much free reign,) I’m building my courses for 2007-2008. I’m teaching thIee graphic design periods and two of web design. in coming years, the school hopes to offer intermediate and advanced classes. For now, I’m beginning from scratch with the students. All I can assume they come to class with is some knowledge of computers. Not a guarantee, though – I may need to partner up complete newbies with more seasoned computer users.

I spent about a week deciding what topics to cover in each course. That done, I’m fleshing it out a little more, especially the first few weeks. Rather than keeping it all to myself in handwritten notes or in Microsoft word, I’m building a website. This method has several benefits:

  • It’s helping me organize my curricula and my thoughts.
  • It will be a continuous resource for my students. As we go along, I will post assignments and quizzes and such.
  • It’s refreshing my memory of XHTML coding and the use of Dreamweaver. I’ve been away from it for many months now.
  • I can share my efforts and resources with other teachers (like you?).

This will be a constant work in progress. Many pages are yet empty, and many bullet points still not elaborated. Expect new information to be added on a regular basis. New assignments will likely be posted there before they are posted here.

Here’s the new site: Enjoy!

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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The teacher websites are a Godsend to we parents. It keeps us dialed in when the kids says stuff like, “No.” When you ask if they have homework.

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