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Busy Week, End of a Brief Career, Some Great News

I’m winding down my high school teaching career this week. My final day of teaching high school classes, perhaps for good, is this Friday. I taught high school full time for the past three years. If you want to know why I am deciding to leave this glamorous and rewarding career, check out my recent posts below.

The good, great, fantastic news is that I get to go back to teaching college kids (and adults) in July. I got a part-time teaching position at the Art Institute, where I will have two web design classes. Each class is four hours long, once per week, for an eleven-week quarter. I could perhaps have taught there full-time, but I want to keep my schedule open for all the freelance design work I hope to pull in.

My other good news is that I have decided to create a new side business for myself (in addition to Blue Lobster Art and Design). Some of my tutorials at BluLob have been very popular. However, I’ve been kind of all-over-the-map with what I create. For the past year or so I’ve been thinking about writing a Photoshop tutorial book geared toward the classroom. So, instead of cranking out a new tutorial a couple of times a week in random order, I’m getting organized. I want to create a comprehensive curriculum and have it all online. This new effort will appear in due time at

Here’s the synopsis:

Art and design lessons tailored for the classroom:

  • 45-minute daily lessons
  • 10 lessons per unit
  • 60 lessons per course
  • Instructor guides
  • Unit reviews
  • Unit projects with rubrics
  • Unit quizzes


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML and XHTML
  • CSS
  • design principles
  • drawing
  • and more!

My slogan is Daily Doses of Smartâ„¢.

I hope to build the site to

  • offer 60 lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • invite guest teachers
  • cater to people learning on their own as well, perhaps providing paid coaching
  • eventually provide a social networking/community setting

Some of the materials will be free, and others will be available at affordable prices. Banner ads alone do not pay the bills, I have found.

I’ve put together a rough outline for the three levels of Photoshop courses. I’d love to have your feedback on this venture. Is the concept of interest to you? What would you want to see offered?

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

7 replies on “Busy Week, End of a Brief Career, Some Great News”

This is an amazing idea. Let me know if you need any help. I was thinking of doing the same thing for my classes this summer. Especially for my website class.

Dawn, I have been a big fan of your web site and great ideas. It would be great to get a network of art teachers that teach Digital Arts (Graphic Design, etc.) going to share ideas, resources, etc. Thanks for your awesome ideas and hard work. The students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher!

HI! It sounds like you are excited about your new opportunity! When one door closes…

I just found your blog and I’m starting my first year teaching 7-8 grade ART, so I hope that all your wonderful resources will be up for awhile! You’ve made my journey so exciting! Thank you and God bless you in your new endeavor!

Hello Dawn, thanks for the printable worksheets. I’ve been a volunteer art teacher to some kids in my community- which means I come up projects I like most- but lately people want to pay me! So- cool as that is, I’m not sure I can give formal lessons without some help on the technical side of things. Your website here is really helpful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom on these things. I hope all is well with you. I haven’t seen any recent posts about your latest adventures, but I’m sure you are sharing and giving- where ever you are.

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