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9-Day Science Blog Challenge, Day 5

Content Strategy, Part 3 of 4

Sometimes with blogs large or small, writers will develop a content calendar. The calendar may go out as far as several months or a year. It identifies what type of content will be posted on each day of the week, or throughout a month or year. Sometimes special and specific content types will also be identified on the calendar, such as interviews with industry guests. Content calendars can also ramp up to big events by building excitement with related content pieces.

The simplest content calendar might be an outline for post length and post frequency, and what mix of evergreen (content that will still be good in a year or more) versus short-term/news items will be used.

Exercise 5: “Create a Content Calendar”

editorial calendar

Create your content calendar for the coming month or more.

Example: Plan at least one content item that you will post each day. Repeat some post types (see Day 4) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Include at least one item that deserves to stand out, and have it break this pattern.

Bonus: write a bit about your rationale. Why have you chosen the content items in the rotation you did? Which item(s) will interrupt the pattern, and why?

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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