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9-Day Science Blog Challenge, Day 4

Content Strategy, Part 2 of 4

Develop a post-type tool kit for yourself. There are many common formats for blog posts. When you are struck with writer’s block, it can help to have list of post types to get your brain gears spinning. Perhaps not all of these are suitable for your niche and writing style, but I bet a lot of them are! It’s a good idea to mix it up to keep your blog engaging.

    These posts are driven by the latest news in your field, and generally must be covered in a timely manner.
    Take a small piece of your niche and explain it for the newbies. Break it down into the simplest terms. These work best with lots of imagery.
  • HOW-TO posts
    Give step-by-step instructions for something just about anyone can do.
  • LINKS posts
    Collect a bunch of resources and link out to them. To add extra value, keep them within a theme, and explain why you’ve included each one.
  • LISTS posts
    Make a list of things that go together. This is a great way to explain a concept, but can also be a fun way to introduce readers to related ideas or historical details. List posts are highly digestible. Lots of viral content comes in this form.
  • OPINION posts
    In any aspect of life there are controversies. Pick a side and pose your arguments.
  • INTERVIEW posts
    Reach out and interview someone who has something interesting to say in your niche.
  • REVIEW posts
    Are there publications, products, or services available in your niche? Pick one, try it out, and write a review.
  • DAY-IN-THE-LIFE posts
    Do you science on the job or in your free time? Tell us about a day in your life. Or find someone who will share their day.

There are certainly other post types out in the wild. When you run across a new type, consider adding it to your tool kit!

Exercise 4: “Write a _____ Post”

Write a blog post from the list above that is a type you’ve never tried before, or one you haven’t done in a long while.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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