Weekend fun with baby.

We’ve had to adapt to having a baby in many ways this weekend.

For starters, I have been a participating artist in a local sidewalk chalk festival for the past 16 years. I gave that up this year because it is very time-intensive, and so is the baby. I went to visit yesterday instead, and will check back on how everyone’s artwork is doing tomorrow. Theo really enjoyed hanging out at the park anyway and looking at all the people and trees. I really miss doing the artwork, and will be sure to be back on my hands and knee pads (and covered in chalk dust) next year.

Vlady and I also take frequent trips to the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.) We did a Berkeley trip today for the first time since the baby came.On the way there, Vlady sat in the back seat to keep Theo company. He gave Theo an adorable puppet show featuring just about every toy and rattle we brought with us. Theo asbolutely loved it.

We wanted to show Theo the ocean, though we technically we just showed him the bay from Berkeley Pier. It was sunny but chilly, so we wrapped him in a toasty blanket. Theo seemed a bit overwhelmed, and then had a major diaper blowout. We ended up doing our best the shield him from the wind while we changed his diaper and his outfit. He cried like mad but we gave him much cuddling afterward. He ate and slept several times throughout our visit, but while he was awake he was usually in good spirits and absorbing everything around him.

On the way back, it was my turn to keep T company. He gets pretty cranky in the late afternoon/early evening, but I managed to entertain him for a while with his toys and books. I had bought him two new books in Berkeley, including Bread and Jam for Frances, one of my all-time faves. Eventually he cried and cried not matter what I tried to do to sooth him. And then he stopped crying and stared at me and smiled a whole bunch. Silly goose. Then he slept the rest of the way home.

He now sleeps soundly after a warm bath, a full body rub-down with lotion, and a final meal of the day at mommy’s beverage cafĂ©.

Theo and Daddy at Berkeley Pier - 09.05.10
Theo and Daddy at Berkeley Pier - 09.05.10
Theo and Mommy at Berkeley Pier - 09.05.10
Theo and Mommy at Berkeley Pier - 09.05.10

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