Turning, spinning, and tasting.


Last night, Theo turned from his back to his tummy by himself for the first time. He did it three times. Unfortunately, it was all in his crib when he was supposed to be sleeping. He can’t get back onto his back from his tummy yet, so he started crying each time. One of these times was at 4:30am.

Otherwise, we are very excited that T is getting more physical. He’s a really squirmy monkey. The third scene of the video below shows another of the Pook’s new tricks (three scenes taken on different days):

I watched this morning as he wriggled around in his crib. He rolls onto his right side and gradually scoots his head back and his feet forward. I guess last night he got all the way into the corner and twisted over onto his tummy. Three times.

Theo gets especially squirmy in a lap or his swing. He arches his back and throws his fists up and shoulders back. It can be a challenge keeping him from sliding onto the floor. Another of his favorite moves these days is akin to a swimming dolphin:


Theo’s second tooth came in on Thursday some time. Now he’s showing a great deal of interest in food. I’ve continued giving him rice cereal, and he’s been pretty receptive to it.

Today he got to gnaw on a banana several times while I was eating it. He also had a couple of tastes of sampler guacamole at Costco. Naughty Daddy gave him two drops of Coca Cola. Tonight, he graduated to creamed carrots for his non-bottle meal. He seemed less than enthusiastic about that. He does like to bite on Mommy’s finger or a teething ring, though.

Theo shows off his fresh teeth in his fresh, new, larger baby swing:

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It’s fun to see Theo eating from a spoon. I look forward to seeing the spoon with colorful stuff like carrot next time.

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