Trying to be flexible

I’ll be the first graphic design teacher ever at this high school. I was promised a number of things to get me started, and it was upon those things I have based my first few weeks of graphic and web design lessons:

– all new computers in my 32-computer classroom
– a completely reconfigured classroom so that the computer desks are arranged more in a horse-shoe shape than the current face-forward setup (I can’t see student screens from my desk)
– a dedicated LCD projector
– Adobe Creative Suite 3 site license
– basic art supplies for graphic design

I had hoped that I’d have all of these by the first day of school (promises were made to me months ago).

I had feared I would have none of them. Such is the case.

– the computers are now promised during the first week of school (next week)
– the room configuration may happen late fall
– there have been a number of hold-ups on the LCD projector, but I can borrow one in the mean time
– don’t know when I’ll get CS, but it has been approved and I won’t need it right away I guess
– I had to go to Wal-Mart today and spend about a hundred on supplies because the requisition is sitting on someone’s desk in the district office for some reason

Frustrating. I’m not blaming anyone, but it will make my job harder to do. At least I have my own, single classroom now. Not like the three classrooms I hopped between each day last year. I’ve started decorating it, and will probably come in on Sunday to really polish it up. I need to still make copies of my syllabi too.

I am excited, yes. But I am more nervous now that things won’t go well.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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Hey Dawn…

Oh I am so feeling for you right now. I am awaiting word on licensing for InDesign C2 that they say they have…but have yet to install. I start a week from today, and know I have PageMaker 7.0 and PhotoShop. I know PageMaker, but have purchased the book PS for Dummies to catch up on that program. What are you doing in your “down time”??


For the graphic design class, it’ll be all hands-on for the first nine weeks. For the web class, all we’ll need for the first few months will be Notepad and a browser, as I plan to start from the ground up with XHTML and CSS.


After one of the Vice Principles franticly tried to put together a projector that works along with connecting cables, failing to find even one out of four that he could lend me today, I finally sprung for my own after work.

I bought an opened-box InFocus for $549, minus a $65 because it had been previously opened. I paid just over $522 after tax. This is fantastic because I had expected to pay about 8 bills.

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