Tragedies make us appreciate the good stuff.

Last week, the hubby and I watched a psychological thriller which was really a tragedy of ancient Greek proportions. So as to avoid providing a spoiler for this movie, I won’t mention the title. In essence, a man comes home to discover that his (insane) wife has drowned their three young children. I found the scene of him recovering their floating bodies from the lake almost too much to bear. I can’t even let myself think of something like that happening to my son.

But I noticed something the next day. I was spending more time marveling over my baby boy. I paused every so often to remind myself to drink it all in.

So without further ado, here is an incomplete list of what Theo does at four months old which I find indescribably wonderful:

  • His hands have a mind of their own, forming sweet little gestures as the fingers slowly move around.
  • He can be coaxed into a giggle fit. Start him off small with making kissing sounds, and eventually he’ll laugh at blowing raspberries and fake sneezes. But only if you’re laughing too.
  • He blows raspberries too: sometimes when he’s happy and sometimes when he’s cranky.
  • When he’s really tired, he’ll seriously burrow his head into your shoulder.
  • He often wake at 7am for a cooing session in his crib before he’s ready to eat.
  • He’s sometimes starts cooing when he’s had enough to eat and the bottle is still in his mouth.
  • He’s developed more than one kind of smile, and many levels of crying.
  • He smiles for strangers.
  • He loves going places and having new experiences. The flip side is that he gets bored pretty quickly with the home routine.
  • He looks just like his father but with my blue eyes.
  • When you carry him around in your arms, he has a cute way of looking at everything that’s hard to describe. It’s kind of like he does double- and triple-takes of stuff.
  • Yesterday I brought him to a department meeting at the college, and he joined the conversation.
  • He lights up when I sing to him.
  • Every day he reveals something new about himself.

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