Things Students Do That Secretly Crack Me Up, Part 6

Drama class. The we’re arranged in a circle for improvisation games. The following takes place in the audience of students who are not doing the current improv: 

11th grade boy: “I caught a fish this big.” (Stretches both arms out, then gradually lowers his left arm around the shoulder of the 12th grade boy next to him, cozily.)
12th grade boy (deadpan): “Yeeeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.”
Laughter all around.
12th grade boy (to a boy lying on the floor): “You know you’re jealous.”


Art class. I’m walking around to see that everyone’s keeping busy. I tell an 11th grade boy to stop throwing stuff across the table.

11th grade boy #1: All right dawg.
Me: Is my name Dawg now?
11th grade boy #1: It’s cool, G.
Me: Is that G for grandma? Am I your grandma?
11th grade boy #1: No.
11th grade boy #2 (barely audible, with back to me): She’s old enough to be your grandma.
Me: I heard that.
Girl across table laughs.
11th grade boy #2 (innocently): What?


Art class. I’d just corrected a boy for about the eight time in 45 minutes.

11th grade boy #3: I’m losing all my constitutional rights in this classroom.
Me: Write your senator.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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