Teacher Barred From Classroom After Making Students Draw Male Genitalia on Blackboard,2933,247462,00.html

YONKERS, New York —  A teacher who had his seventh-grade students draw male genitalia on the blackboard during health class has been barred from classes, school officials said.

The teacher, whose name was not made public, was assigned to administrative duties, and Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio will ask trustees to fire him, Yonkers schools spokeswoman Jerilynne Fierstein said Friday.


Personally, I find it scary that he got reassigned for something like this.

Will I get in trouble for showing my seventh graders the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, penis and all? Will I get in trouble for having the students make a drawing of that sculpture, or of his painting of the birth of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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Hi Dawn
I actually avoid using nudes in my classes, for grades 7-12. Of course they are in the numerous art books that i have in my classroom, and when students look at those, i tell them that art is full of nudes and i expect mature behaviour from them; but i avoid nudes in my own presentations and power points of artwork. This way kids have some control over what they look at. Also, I have a lot of Muslim kids in my classes and I know they will be very uncomfortable with it, also many of my other kids will be too, plus most of the nudes are of women and I feel women are objectified enough without my using nudes in school when I don’t feel I need to at all.

Hello Dawn,
I myself am only a middle school student. My art teacher,from the first day of class, has told us that art is full of nudity, and she expects us to be mature about it. she does not usually force us to look at it, but on occasion we have to see it. we are currently working on a unit invovlving the works of michelangelo. i do not particularly like nude sculptures, but it is art and thats ok. you could ask the school superintendant or the direstor if you are allowed to have them draw this.

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