Student feedback

I started having my design students use a forum I installed on our class web site. Every Monday, students read a posting by me and respond to a prompt. This week, I just wanted to get their feedback on the class. The results just go to show that a mixture of activities is best for all students. What one student hates another loves, and what the first student loves the second one hates.

A couple of examples:

“ive liked the chapter lessons and the work with photoshop, i didnt like the posters, they were boring and irritating”

“my favorite thing and that i learned from was making posters about different thingslike proximity and stuff like that. i dont like doing different lessons”

“My favorite thing i did in this class was when we looked at actual photoshop contests and we looked at all of them. Also i learned how to use photoshop now…kinda ”

“I really enjoy the Photoshop lessons, & i didn’t like the poster redesigning”

“My favorite thing I’ve done so far are the diffrent posters that we made about proximity,repetition etc. I dont really like all the quizes and photoshop.”

And, finally,

“My favorite thing that we have done in this class is freetime when you finish your work.”

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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