So big.

Our little Theo is a big boy. He was 21½” in length at birth, and continues to outgrow clothing which is supposedly his size. I ended up spending about $180 yesterday on a new wardrobe in Toys R Us’s baby section. Theo—at 4 months and 1 week old—is now wearing clothing for a nine-month-old. They fit him perfectly.

For friends and family who might care, here is a chart of Theo’s height and weight since birth:

Date Approx. Age Height Percentile Weight Percentile
06/06/2010 birth 21½” unknown 8lb 2.7oz 63%
06/14/2010 1 week unknown unknown 8lb 7.5oz 55
07/01/2010 1 month 22¼” 83% 10lb 8.5oz 79
08/10/2010 2 months 24½” 92 13lb 7.1oz 84
10/11/2010 4 months 26½” 92 16lb 11.7oz 81

Long and lean baby machine.


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