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A Few Small but Powerful WordPress Improvements for the Lobster

I am ever vigilant for ways to improve this blog. I have just made three upgrades to the BluLob Blog’s usability. If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend these plugins to super-charge your blog.

  1. I added a “Print This” button at the top of each page and article/post, at the request of a reader. WP-Print automatically serves a version of the page with a simplified CSS, stripping out sidebars, headers and footer but leaving your copyright intact. It even includes all pages at once for a multi-page tutorial. You can get this too with WP-Print.
  2. I added a “Tweet This” button at the top of each article/post. It has the added advantage of informing us how many tweets a post has received on Twitter. You can get this too, thanks to TweetMeme.
  3. I already had an Add to Any button at the bottom of each post, but the default images provided were not informative enough. I found this out when a friend tried to Digg an article but couldn’t find a Digg icon. It was hidden in a popup menu, and now it’s more obvious. You can steal my image below if you use Add to Any. Upload it somewhere and then put the image URL in the appropriate field under Admin > Settings > Share/Save Buttons.

(Please do me a favor and upload this to your own space instead of using my image address.)

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