School Busing Saves the Day (not)

Horror Stories Continue as NYC Enters 3rd Day of New School Bus Plan 

Stories of chaos and inexplicable stupidity continue to unfold as New York City parents try to make sense of a new school busing plan.

After a lead-in like that, who can resist reading the rest?

In one case – a 7-year-old Queens girl can take the school bus, but her five-year-old sister, who goes to the same school can not.

In another story a ten-year-old girl from Brooklyn might be forced to leave her gifted program because she lost her bus seat and her parents don’t want her riding the subway alone.

In a third story, a Staten Island second-grader is expected to walk along a street without sidewalks and then take three different city buses to get to school.


By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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