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I redesigned the home page

I hope you like the new home page design. Since I am freelancing full time now, I want to feature my business more on my home page. The new design keeps several elements from the blog but makes it secondary to my marketing messages. The path to my services, contact, pricing, and portfolio pages should be very clear now. In addition, my latest work panels are nice and large now. Yes, I’m still a blogger. You can find the blog stuff lower on the page. On the interior blog pages, the article content is still high on the page.

Here was the design on May 2, 2009:

Home page on May 2, 2009

Here’s the current home page:

Home page on Jun 18, 2009
Home page on Jun 18, 2009

And a current blog page:

Blog page on Jun 18, 2009
Blog page on Jun 18, 2009

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