Passed and passed!

I just got excellent news. I passed Task 4 of the California Teacher Performance Assessment. This is a huge deal! It took me many weeks to pull together and I was really sweating it.

As I mentioned on March 27th, I also passed my graduate Education course (the one I won’t be using after all because I’m switching to a master’s in art) with an A.

I have one final hurdle before I apply for my big-girl credential. I have an exit interview at Chapman tomorrow afternoon. I have taken the day off to make sure my exit portfolio is flawless – or as close as I can get. I have been working for a good long time on this one too.

Then, moving on…I’ve signed up to take the CSET (Calif. Subject Exam for Teachers) in Biology on July 21st. I will be dedicating my first eight weeks of summer to passing this test so I can teach in this specialized area. I am super rusty. Except for the Natural History of Insects class I am currently taking, I haven’t had a biology class in 15 years. Long ago, it was my major.

I’ll be taking an accelerated Foundations of Biology class that wraps up on July 19th, right before the test. It’s Mon-Thursday all morning for six weeks, so I think I’ll try to avoid working during those months. I also bought an exam guide that darn well better help me pass for it’s $60 cover price. I’ll get my pass/no pass grade right before the new academic year begins. I hope that it will broaden my hirability. Plus, I would love to teach biology.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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That is good news, congratulations! And, hopefully, your school will get its act together and follow both the letter and the spirit of the special education requirements.

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