Nightmare City

Everything came to a halt today in the web design classes. At first, none of the student computers would log on. I was even supposed to be observed today for my formal evaluation, but that’s been postponed.

Finally, we got the computers back on line. But then I also got email that my students finally have “digital dropboxes” available to them on the H server. This means they won’t have to write out their HTML to turn it in to me. They will be able to drop their files off in my Inbox, and not take a file out of another student’s folder (which was possible last year.)

I asked my students in 3rd period, who doesn’t know your userid and password? Almost every hand shot up. So instead of the day’s lesson, I sent five students at a time down to the counselors office to get their login info. A few are left so we need to continue tomorrow.

You can everything perfectly mapped out for the week, and at any time you can encounter a monkey wrench in the works. Did I mix metaphors just now? Whatever. I should be in bed anyway. I was up late redesigning the school’s website because it is not too friendly right now. I was struck with sudden inspiration.

I can kick back tomorrow because I will have a presenter from Art Institute all day. Well, I’ll be babysitting and keeping the kids from getting too wild…and passing out detention slips for tardies…but I get a little break for a day.

It’s tempting to get as many presenters and speakers as I possibly can. But it would be wrong.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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