My student teaching is unofficially over.

Time to celebrate! My final observation for student teaching occurred today.

The official end of the term is this Sunday. My observer’s written comments were glowing, mostly about how I was able to handle a very challenging situation without a Master Teacher. I am pretty confident that I earned an A.

I am on to pursue my Master’s in Education starting January 25. And, of course, I will continue teaching where I am since I was hired as a full-time employee – on an internship credential until I get my formal credential.

I have two hitches left before I apply for my formal credential. Chapman University requires me to complete something called Task 4 (as identified by the State of California.) I need to complete this as soon as possible. It requires a 20-minute uncut video of me teaching a lesson, and then a novella-sized form in which I explain my lesson and how I accommodated one student who is an English learner and one student who is special ed. The rubric for the task states,

Your response to this task will be judged on the extent to which it provides clear, consistent, and convincing evidence of your ability to connect student characteristics to instructional planning.

I may try capturing the video next week. If it sucks, or the lesson isn’t robust enough, I can always videotape another lesson soon.

Chapman will also need to review my portfolio. My portfolio needs to be about four times bigger than it is now. I have plenty I can put into it. I just need to decide what goes in, and in which sections, and print it all out. I have digital files of just about all my course work and the curricula I have created.

Tonight, my boyfriend is taking me to dinner to celebrate his A grade in a fall 2006 accounting class. It just occured to me that we should celebrate this too: I am no longer a “student teacher.”

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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