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My first lesson is ready at!

Photoshop Workspaces
Photoshop Workspaces
Whew! It took most of the weekend, and now my very first lesson is ready:

Photoshop I Lesson 1a – Rearranging and Saving Workspaces

I designed to be a resource for teachers. The lessons are meant to be 45 minutes long each, and grouped into units of 10 lessons each.

But anyone can follow them! Please check it out.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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Hi Dawn,
I tried to email you but my silly computer won’t let me – I was taking a look at your site (great blog by the way!) as I am a teacher currently looking into planning a project with our year 8 boys (12 -13yrs) over here in the UK, on designing icons that they will use to access files and resources from home on our school network. Whilst the design and ICT part of it is being managed by our IT department, I just want to give them an overview of what graphic design is like, where they can go with it and the kinds of things they should aim to do to get a succesful design for their icons. Would you be willing to maybe write me a bit of info about what you think a successful graphic/web designer does, and would you have any ideas for suitable links or resources for this project? Any help you could give me would be brilliant!

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