Mommy’s Teeth

He Has My Teeth

Lately, Vlady and I have suspected that Theo’s two bottom teeth are off-center. The photo I took yesterday seems to confirm this.

Not to worry! His mommy has the same thing (see below.) That is, I have three incisors between the canines on the bottom row, rather than the typical four.

Apparently this is a genetic trait, if we are right about T’s tooth placement.

Rolling Over

Theo has become an old pro at rolling from his back to his tummy. He still hasn’t gotten the knack of rolling back the other way. So he still find himself on his tummy in his crib with nowhere else to go. Sometimes he just falls asleep that way. Like as not, he cries until Mommy or Daddy flips him back over. Then he promptly sinks into sleep.

Handling Toys

Theo’s gotten pretty good at grabbing and holding toys. The next thing I’ve been looking for is handing off a toy from one hand to another. I watched Theo do this a couple of days ago with this toy (which he seems to like a lot):

Manhattan Toy Whoozit Winkel

He’s also holding and shaking a variety of toys which rattle or have bells. Then he lets go, and wheeee! the toy goes flying.

Outgrowing Seats

Yesterday Theo weighed 19lbs 3.8oz. I’m sure he’ll be over 20 pounds by the time he is 6 months old on December 6th. He’s quickly outgrowing his infant-sized seats of various kinds. We’ve already upgraded his swing to a larger one which is roomier width-wise and also sits him higher off the floor.

The next thing that will have to go is his car seat. His manly shoulders barely squeeze into his baby car seat these days. Soon we will need to buy the kind of car seat that stays in the car. I will not be able to easily transport him in a combination car-seat/infant-carrier/stroller-cradle.

This will actually change how we do things significantly. I won’t be able to strap him into his seat in the comfort of our home and then step one foot into the back seat area of my car as his chair is latched into the base. I’ll need to crawl into the back seat of my 2-door Honda Civic with babe in arms and strap him in there. I won’t be able to transport him to daycare or bring him home and quietly into his bedroom while he’s still asleep. His daddy won’t so easily get Theo to sleep while he’s walking him in the stroller. And we’ll need to bring the whole stroller in whenever we go somewhere to eat with the baby. There are disadvantages to having a robust, fast-growing baby. But we’ll keep him anyway. I mean, look at him.

Eating Food

Theo’s a good eater, and not just of his heaping helpings of formula each day. Once a day we give him baby food as well. He is pretty cooperative and seems to warm up to anything he’s tried. So far he’s had the standard rice cereal, bananas, carrots, and squash. He eagerly pops open his mouth when he’s still in the mood for the spoonfuls. Afterward he gets his standard 6 ounces of Similac.

He also likes sucking on a whole piece of fruit. He really goes for a banana, but if he scrapes off a small chunk he has no idea what to do with it. He smacks his tongue and makes a funny face until we remove the offending solid food. Yesterday, I tried a slab of honeydew melon with him, and he loved it once he got past the cold factor.

Nearly Sitting

Theo’s getting the hang of sitting by himself on the floor or a bed. I hold my hands out to catch him when he eventually loses his balance and falls sideways. I’ll get photos soon.

UPDATE: New pics of Theo sitting up, by himself, with his fancy new dress shoes on.

Bear Suit

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