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Logo Concepts and Engaging Your Client

MicroTrek, Inc. is a new biotech company that offers high quality microbial analysis of food and beverage samples. They have contracted with me to create branding and a website for them.

Part of my scope of work is the create three logo concepts for them. They asked for imagery which looks like yeast cells.

Logo Concepts for MicroTrek
Logo Concepts for MicroTrek

Setting Up Client Sign-Off

By writing a useful introduction that describes the design choices you make.

Here is part of my email presenting the concepts to my client. One of our jobs as designers is explaining our design choices. This makes it easier for clients to understand what the design is communicating. They also get a glimpse into the extensive job that is visual design. With a rich and easy-to-read introduction, it is more likely that a client will embrace your work.

Starting from the top and moving down, they go from more literal (yeast cells in the field  of vision of a microscope) to more abstract.

I used modern fonts without frills. I played with color variety and changes in stroke weights, to create visual interest.

Each of these concepts has a nice balance between the font size and iconography, so that they can resize up or down easily.

Please let me know which concept number you feel best represents your company. You may have up to two round of revisions on that concept.

Once we have a final logo, I will develop a black and white version of it.

I will also create a style guide for typography and colors that coordinate with the logo.

Finally, I included the client’s initial logo design (prior to approaching me) at the bottom. This helps them appreciate the greater vitality and professionalism of my new logo concepts.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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