Learning to use hands.

Those of us with hands certainly take them for granted every single day. Our brain says “want,” and the hands are already in business reaching out to grab something. When I watch my baby learn to use his hands, I ponder what a marvel it is that our hands do pretty much whatever we ask of them without a second thought.

I did not appreciate how long this skill takes to learn until I watched my baby start to discover his own hands. I figured that the kid would go from accidentally knocking something with his fist to expert toy-grabbing within a week or two. This is not the case; the steps are far more gradual. Below is a video of Theo exploring a new toy and manipulating it with his hand. This turned out to be a great toy for his skill level because it spins easily, can be placed within reach because of its suction cup, and gives musical feedback.

Notice how surprised Theo looks when he accidentally hits the toy and it spins and makes music (even though it wasn’t his first time playing with this toy.) Then he moves to spin it more deliberately. He seems to enjoy controlling it himself, but he also makes faces and sounds which seem like confusion or frustration to me. I hope that soon this toy and others like it will bring him nothing but joy. Side note: Theo’s left hand appears to be dominant at this time.

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