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Is anybody out there an insect/spider fanatic?

I’m taking an entomology class this spring. I recently went to the Eastern Sierras with my boyfriend, and we took hundreds of photos. Many of these photos are of insects and spiders. I’d love help identifying these. I’ve asked my entomology teacher to help too. I numbered each photo:

1 & 2 are probably Tent Caterpillars.
3 & 4 is some kind of metallic blue-green bug or beetle.
5 is probably a Small Milkweed Bug.
6 is some kind of long-bodied green fly with orange-red eyes.
7 is a black beetle with a slender body and ribbed forewings (elytra).
8 & 9 are some kind of honey bee.
10 is the abandoned nest of some kind of wasp or hornet.
11-14 are several of the dozens of gray spiders we found on river rocks right near the water.

Click to see gallery page.

UPDATE 6/21/07

My entomology teacher helped me narrow a few of these down to family names.

3 & 4 are stink bugs (Hemiptera order,) in the family Pentatomidae
7 is a Tenebrionid beetle (Coleoptera order,) in the family Tenebrionidae Рpossibly genus Eleodes
11-14 are wolf spiders (arachnid order Araneae,) in the family Lycosidae

By Dawn Pedersen

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2 replies on “Is anybody out there an insect/spider fanatic?”

this could help you…
You may also find a “key” system for identifying insects useful, but I’m not too sure where these are on the webberverse. Plus I’m an Aussie and our bugs are different to yours… and you might have different referencing/ identifying systems.
Sorry for the late notice too… I haven’t been blog-surfing for a long time. keep up your good work, may you work with diligence and at peace.

Thanks, Becca. We do have some very different insects here. I did use a variety of keys, which is how I first identified the Small Milkweed Bug.

Thanks for the link!

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