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How to Draw a Human Eye Worksheet

How to draw a human eye, and learn about its characteristics.

Download Worksheet: How to Draw a Human Eye

How to Draw a Human Eye Worksheet

Human eyes can see a wide range of colors and shapes.

Your eyes began to develop only two weeks after you were conceived. When you are born, your eyeballs are the size they will remain for the rest of your life: about an inch across. Only a sixth of the eye is visible from the outside.

Our eyes are fixed within eye sockets in our skulls. This keeps them somewhat protected. Eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes, and eyelashes keep dirt out. Eyes usually heal quickly when they do get damaged.

How to Draw a Human Eye - sketch of the human eye in detail

Humans seek visual cues from the eyes of another person, which is a form of nonverbal communication. As much as 80% of what we learn is experienced through our eyes.

You blink about 12 times a minute.

Your eye muscles are more active than any of the rest of your muscles.

Over two million parts work together to make a human eye.

How to Draw a Human Eye - anatomy of the human eye

A human iris is more detailed and unique than a fingerprint. Retina scans—which identify a person as an individual —are becoming common as a security measure. The pupil is an opening within the iris which can change size to let in more or less light.

There are over a million nerve fibers connecting a single eye to the brain.

About 39 million people in the world are blind—they cannot see.

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