First day of school…

went far better than I imagined. Much better than last year. I’m tired after explaining my syllabus for 45 minutes five times today, but the kids were overall well behaved. They may start acting up next week, but I’m so glad they didn’t do it on this the most exhausting day of the year.

I still don’t have the software and equipment I ordered, but I’m working around it and others are helping a lot too. A Vice Principal is loaning me an LCD projector for tomorrow, and an art teacher is giving me a table for graphic design projects. I even forgot my room key today and the receptionist loaned me a sub key to save my life.

One young lady told me at the end of the day that she’s really looking forward to my class – perhaps the only class she’s looking forward to. That was very nice of her to come forward and tell me. It makes me feel approachable.

I feel good about these classes! Yay!

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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