Countless jobs before this one

Many teachers go straight to college after high school, get a four-year degree, complete the credential courses, and start teaching. I took a different path.

I was reminded of this when I was entering grades just now, and a 6th grader marvelled out how fast my fingers flew on the number pad. I’ve had jobs in which fast number entry was critical.

Here’s a list of all the types I’ve jobs I recall I’ve had, more or less in order. Several part-time jobs overlapped. Some jobs were for years, and some three weeks.

  • Deliverer of flyers for local grocery
  • Data entry for parent’s home business
  • Cashier at a Taco Bell
  • Cashier at a 7-Eleven
  • Cashier at an AM/PM store
  • Clerk/office help at Dad’s store
  • Cashier at a Shell gas station
  • Concessions and ticket sales at a movie theater
  • Sandwich maker at Togos
  • Waitress at a tourist-trap restaurant
  • Payroll clerk for a hotel chain
  • Office manager for a small business
  • Cashier at Tower Records
  • Assembler of vinyl signs
  • Administrator/proofreader at a billing company
  • Cashier/order taker at a pizza joint
  • Clerk at The Money Store
  • Administrative assistant at The Money Store
  • Video store cashier
  • Office manager for another small business
  • Untold temp jobs at various offices at various times
  • Contract administrator at Forecast Homes
  • Waitress at a chain restaurant, graveyard shift
  • Accounting clerk at The Gap’s headquarters in San Francisco
  • Cost accountant at Levi Strauss’s headquarters in San Francisco
  • Executive assistant at Levi Strauss
  • Web designer at a software firm in the Silicon Valley (until it was bought up and absorbed by Microsoft)
  • Purchasing Agent at Forecast Homes
  • Graphic designer at a small design firm
  • Freelance web designer and graphic designer
  • Graphic designer at a small design firm
  • Adjunct professor of web/graphic design at a community college
  • After school drawing teacher, grades K-5
  • Legal secretary
  • Teacher of computer software programs to adults at New Horizons
  • Part-time art teacher at a charter school
  • Now: full-time art and drama teacher

That’s 36 (not counting all the temp jobs.) I’m close to 40 years old.

I have also been taking college courses almost continuously since 1984.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

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