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I came across this blog entry today:

Foundation course final essay

The year-long two-evenings-a-week Foundation acting course I’ve been doing was all over a couple of weeks back. The final task was to write 1,000 words about how the acting, movement and voice classes had affected our final performance. It was asking a lot to stretch the words “not a lot” out that much, so I made the essay more general and tried to be as balanced as possible. What had been worthwhile and what had felt like a waste of time?


This is very useful information for a first-year high school drama teacher. I remember thinking back on my college acting classes and feeling like many of the exercises are just dumb.

I’ve also noticed that my students prefer to be humorous in their improvisation games. I rarely get anyone trying to be dramatic or poignant. I’m going to beginning asking for that from time to time. I’m warming up to the idea of coaching students while they are in the middle of an improv scene.

It’s very interesting to read a critique of a serious acting class which echoes some of my experiences. It also enlightens me to some of the errors I may be making, or ideas I can use.

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