A week of firsts.

Baby’s First Header off the Bed: Monday

“Did you get dropped on your head when you were a baby?”
“As a matter of fact, I did.”

Poor Theo. I stupidly, carelessly, recklessly set Theo up on the twin bed in his room as I stood next to him and selected his clothes from the dresser. I kept looking at him and back to the clothes in my hand. Before I knew it, he was heading straight down onto the carpet below. He landed head-first and I scooped him up immediately. I cradled and rocked him in terror as he wailed. I said I was sorry a hundred times. He kept putting his pacifier into his mouth and then popping it back out as he screamed out in fear and shock. I was horrified at what I’d done and terrified that I had broken my baby.

When Theo calmed a little, I gave his body a once over and he seemed to have no broken bones or skin. I carried him onto the couch with me and laid him across my lap and arm. He kind of zoned out for a while, staring at my chest but not falling asleep (thank god.) I cooed to him and stroked his hair, wondering what I should do, if anything. After a few moments, he sat up in my lap and started behaving pretty much as he always does. Within an hour he was smiling and playing again.

That afternoon as I headed to work, I let our daycare lady know to call me if anything strange cropped up. I was nervous about telling Vlady later that night and wondered if I really should. Was it worth worrying him? But what if something did crop up later and I’d have to confess that I’d hidden something from him?

I did tell Vlady that evening when I got home late. He said Theo was pretty much normal but seemed sleepier than usual. Vlady was understandably quite upset and worried. I emailed Theo’s doctor to put both our minds at ease. The next morning’s response:

“Based on the hx and what followed, it seems/sounds like the event was scary but nothing serious happened, this time. If anything were to have happened that was serious, it would have been very obvious by now. Bottom line: he’s fine. Call me, e-mail me if questions arise, etc. Dr. J”

And indeed, he is fine. He’s forgotten it, but I never will. From now on, that baby’s staying on the floor.

Baby’s First Haircut: Thursday

Theo really enjoyed sitting in the little fire engine. He took no notice of the nice lady trimming his hair. Yes, we kept the hair. The first photo is a “before” shot from two days earlier. Click on any image for a larger version.

Baby’s First Crawl Forward: Friday

Today I watched in amazement as Theo teetered on hands and legs, moving forward for the first time we had ever seen it. I hollered for Vlady to join us and he was just as excited. Those first tentative little moves forward are a joy to Mommy and Daddy’s eyes after a month of Theo scootching backward all the time. Go, boy, go!¬†We cheered and clapped for our little son and his new superpower.

Vlady got some video, and below is two clips edited together. In the first clip, Theo disappears behind my leg like Bigfoot behind a tree. The second clip shows his amazing new skill a little better.

Update, 30 Minutes Later

I told Vlady about this little blog post of “firsts.” His response: “We should have hit him in the head earlier to make him crawl.”

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