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A Web design essential: the Request for Proposal

Favored Web Sites

Please tell me what you like in a web site.

Find the highest quality Web sites (more is better) that relate to your project in any of the following categories. This will help me get a sense of your aesthetic, usability, and functionality preferences.

  1. Branding in a similar situation to yours (new company, new brand, established brand, etc.)
  2. Appeal to same target group of customers
  3. Colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout
  4. Size of site
  5. Publishing model (frequency, novelty of content, etc.)
  6. Functionality (things sites do for people and people can do with them)
  7. Community, special features, responsiveness, other categories important to your project
  8. Overall favorite sites (for whatever reasons)

All information you provide on your Request for Proposal is private and confidential.
We will not share it with other companies or contractors.

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