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A Web design essential: the Request for Proposal

Project Basics

Please tell me what you want to do.

  1. Mission statement or summary of project
  2. Goals of project, short and long-term  
    1. Branding/identity reinforcement  
    2. Improved access to information  
    3. Direct sales  
    4. Corporate communication  
    5. Other
  3. Scope of project  
    1. Type of Web design
      1. Redesign/Overhaul of web site  
      2. New Web Site
      3. Intranet    
      4. Web Site Updates  
    2. Enhancements
      1. E-commerce Development  
      2. Content Management  
      3. Database Creation  
      4. Online community / Blog / Forum
      5. E-mail Accounts  
      6. Flash   
    3. Web Site Maintenance  
    4. Web Site Hosting
    5. Broader Marketing 
      1. Web Site Promotion
      2. Company Branding/Identity  
      3. Marketing Collateral (eg. brochures, advertising, business cards, stationery)  
    6. Other
  4. Description of group developing project
    1. Who are the decision-makers, and what criteria will they be using?
    2. Who are the other third parties/contractors on the project?
    3. Who are the in-house staff contributing to project, and what are their roles?
  5. Measures for success of project
    1. Public awareness
    2. Search engine ranking
    3. Web site traffic
    4. Customer enquiries
    5. Sales
    6. Other
  6. Schedule requirements  
    1. When do you expect to start production?  
    2. In what timeframe must it be complete?  
    3. Are there specific milestones that must be met by certain dates?
  7. Budget, or budget range for various portions (we need to know this so that we can tailor the solutions we propose to match your budget needs)
  8. Previous work completed on project
  9. Description existing identity/branding assets available for project
    1. Logos
    2. Artwork
    3. Fonts
    4. Other


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