A Snack on the Couch with Mommy

Today, Theo and I went to Costco, and on the way home he fell asleep. Fifteen minutes into his nap, we were home. I tried to quietly transfer him in his car seat into the house without waking him. When my key entered the lock on the front door, his eyes popped open. Oh, well.

Hoping that he would go back to sleep (getting a longer nap and letting me get some chores done before I left for work,) I put him in his swing. I gave him the stuffed lion he loves. He toyed with the mobile that hangs overhead, and I set about my tasks. Shortly, he begun to fuss. I kept stroking his head and offering him his pacifier.

I still had to feed the fish, clean the cat box, pack the diaper bag for daycare, make myself lunch. I did these as quickly as I could, but Theo grew more and more desperate. By the time I finished assembling my sandwich, he was fully crying with pitiful tears streaming down his cheeks.

I lifted Theo from his swing and carried him to the couch. I sat him next to where I was going to sit. I gave him his xylophone and the matching wand. He began a little xylophone recital for me.

I sat down next to my baby and recovered my sandwich plate from the side table. As soon as Theo saw this, he reached for the sandwich. I fetched a graham cracker out of the nearby diaper bag and handed it to him.

I can’t tell you how proud and pleased Theo seemed at that moment. Sitting next to Mommy like a big boy, eating a yummy snack just like she was. Looking up at Mommy with a sunny disposition and everything right with the world. I felt pretty proud and pleased too.

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