A new year, a new assignment

As I mentioned earlier this year, I chose not to stay on at my previous school. Primarily I was unhappy with the decisions the middle school principal made. Then I realized I really didn’t want to drive 44 miles every day each way.

I jumped on the job hunt as early as possible. I lined up one phone interview and four in-person interviews. I ended up with three offers!

The job offer I took is a high school about 20 minutes from here. I will be the web and graphic design teacher (I think, the only one!) I’m awaiting an email reply from the new principal regarding course descriptions etc. I will be in charge of a lot of stuff, from the high school’s website to the screen printing of T-shirts. The students will take on most of this work, of course. Eventually we might even be in charge of the website for the district too.

My pay will be much better this year. This district will even count my previous year’s experience when calculating my salary. Some districts only count years in their district when placing you on the ladder.

So, “The adventures of an art and drama teacher” is now “The adventures of a web and graphic design teacher.”

OF COURSE, I will keep all the art and drama resources on here. I’ll be adding new lessons for the new graphic/web design direction.

Someday I hope to take on at least one biology class at the high school. I am doing very well in my summer refresher course, and I’ll be in tip-top shape for the California Subject Examination for Teachers.

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

2 replies on “A new year, a new assignment”

Congrats on the job! I’m glad to hear you will be keeping the art resources up. They are great. I have really gotten some great ideas, especially love the ideas for books. 🙂

Hearing about all your experiences in the classroom the good, the bad, and the ugly, have really validated my own experiences as an art teacher. I swear it is like we have been teaching the same students. I was actually thinking of changing jobs this coming year but have decided to wait until I do my NBCT certification which will hopefully give me better bargaining power.

Right now I teach at at two schools, one k-4 and the other 5-8. I enjoy teaching the middle school and junior high age group, but honestly can not stand the teaching the really young students. I am just not good with kindergarten age period. Plus I have felt very over extended. So I really want out of that job, but maybe next year. Anyway congrats and I wish you the best of luck with the new job. Thanks for putting up all the great resources.

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