A new home and a growing Pook.

New House

At the end of October, hubby and baby and I moved into our beautiful new house. Theo now has his own room and has adapted very well. He now has his own little set-up with crib, changing table, and a twin bed for visitors such as mommy or daddy when T has a hard time getting back to sleep in the middle of the night. I’m still working on assembling his new 44-piece dresser; all that’s left are the drawers to do, but this assembly has taken for-ev-er. Especially with my limited spare time. The dresser is assembled enough, though, to be sporting Theo’s own 14-gallon tropical fish tank on top. Vlady got the idea for a fish tank because the room’s air can get rather dry. Evaporation from the tank should add some local moisture. The fish are crazy cute, besides. I won’t make Theo have to care for his own fish until he’s at least 8 months old.


For Theo’s first Halloween, he was a little cooked lobster. We took him around to the nearby houses with a little felt bucket. We didn’t expect any candy but I really wanted to take our baby boy for his first trick-or-treating. We got a few pieces of candy, which of course Mommy and Daddy ate. Mainly we introduced ourselves to our new neighbors.


A few weeks ago, Theo started grabbing and holding his feet. In particular, he holds his left foot with his left hand. He’s still showing a distinct left-handedness. Either way, it’s super cute and I hope he graduates to sucking on his own toes like his cousin Will used to do as a baby.


On the very day that Theo turned five months old, November 6th, his daddy noticed that T has his first tooth coming in. It’s on the bottom, the left one of the front two teeth. That bottom right one is threatening to burst through soon too. So exciting!


Theo is still drinking formula heartily, usually six ounces at a go. Because he got his first tooth, I celebrated last Saturday by offering him his first “solid” food: rice cereal. He didn’t hate it. Half, of course, ended up on his chin, but he distinctly swallowed much of it. I tasted it too, and it’s got a bit of sweetness that is appealing. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to give him a rice cereal meal each day. It’s been three days already. I need to make myself a note or something. Luckily, I do keep remembering to give him his formula.


Theo’s started sleeping through the night more regularly, and I mean 9 to 11 hours, which is awesome. We rarely have to wake in the middle of our sleep to feed The Pook. In the morning, he wakes and entertains himself for a while, seemingly unhungry. Vlady’s noticed two nights in a row now that Theo has rolled himself onto his side before falling asleep. I’ve noticed two mornings in a row that he’s spun himself 90 degrees counter-clockwise so that he’s crosswise in the crib and kicking his feet against the rails. The dickens.

Dance Moves

The baby’s got moves. When we stand him up, supporting him loosely around the ribcage, more often than not he will begin to dance. Sometimes it’s free-form like he’s at a Phish concert. Other times it’s more aggressive, with deep knee bends, like a gorilla in a mosh pit. His pediatrician was taken by surprise at T’s 4-month appointment. T continues to enjoy standing, bouncing up and down, and dancing his crazy dances, and he needs only a bit of support to steady him. He seems all sophisticated until he accompanies his cha-cha-cha with fist-sucking.


Pook has a new thing. While he has not yet learned to turn himself over when lying down, he does squirm and toss himself a bit. Somehow he’s turning himself about in his crib too. Most amusing is when we hold him and he starts to wriggle just like a dolphin. I swear you could just dunk him in a pool and he’d take off. It’s like the jumping movements, but done horizontally. Also, when feeling restless he can squirm himself right out of his swing or infant seat.

Weaving His Dreams

When Theo is nervous, he still balls his fists, and when he’s completely relaxed his hands lie peacefully where they are. But when Theo is alert and happy, his hands gently dance and squirm too. Each hand does a lovely Arabesque in the air independent of the other. I like to think he his weaving the dreams he will have the next time he is asleep.

What He’s Watching

Theo has two favorite videos. When I play either of these on my computer, he is glued to the screen. The first is “White Knuckles” by OK Go. It’s got doggies in it and is a very song catchy too. The second video is “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)” by Billy Joel. It’s black and white with stark contrasts, and has children in it dressed up in angel wings. Recently, I decided to try out Yo Gabba Gabba. I had never seen any of it before but it comes recommended by parents whose taste in these sorts of things I respect. Theo loved “Party in My Tummy” and the song “Watch Us Work It” by Devo (a band I personally love.) So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba in the coming years.

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Love the pictures and the story. Thinking about sending it to my friend who is a pediatric nurse practioner and a few other nurse friends from the health department. Great job and photos! Love, Mom

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